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Mac OS X Tutorials

The tutorial section is being modified to include the new video tutorials I'll be posting to the gallery.

Below is an example of what I will be releasing

"Changing the Deskop Picture"

Also, here are some tutorials and links that I'll be adding to the new tutorials section. This will be done over the next couple of weeks as time permits.

  "TIL" from APPLE

UPDATE !! Apple has taken down it's "TIL" and is forwarding visitors to it's knowledge base. The below links are now being redirected. Rest assured that I will post my own tutorials to replace what has been lost from this move by Apple.

Armando Santana

  Coming soon...

  • How to perform an OS X clean install
  • How to move and OS X installation
  • How to use the new files system
  • How to set up file sharing
  • How to connect to Windows computers
  • How to set up Web Sharing
  • How to add users
  • How to determine who is logged in to OS X
  • How to use the docks' new features
  • How to get into the console mode
  • How to gain root access
  • How to Change the OS X desktop picture
  • How to set Network Time Synchronization
  • How to change the startup system folder
  • How to automatically open an item at log in
  • How to prevent an item from opening automatically
  • How to speed up Classic application launches
  • How to enable file sharing
  • How to change the Aqua colors
  • How to change the dock settings
  • How to set your download location
  • How to set your search page
  • Training for Lean Six Sigma
  • How to set your News Reader
  • How to set your Email client
  • How to set your default web browser
  • How to set up an iTools account
  • How to set the menu bar clock options
  • How to create a PDF file
  • How to set monitor resolutions
  • How to change your icons
  • How to set the alert sound